Pika EV Charging
Software Platform

Pika is a unique electric vehicle charging platform providing businesses and organizations the gateway to deploy and self-manage their very own EV charging network, without incurring significant costs associated with developing a back-office, phone app, and secure payment/management platform.

All-in-one EV Charging Software Management

Pika EV Drive is an all-in-one EV Charging Software platform for Charge Point Operators (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Providers (EMP).

Infrastructure Management

  • Manage EV charging stations, chargers, and connectors
  • Monitor sessions, stations, and chargers
  • Smart energy management with load balancing
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Apply remote commands (reboot, firmware update, etc.)
  • Dashboard with real-time data and Google maps
  • Hardware flexibility through Open Charge Point Protocol – OCPP

Customer Management

  • Find and keep track of your customers via an intuitive user interface
  • Monetary and non-monetary balances of services
  • Billing and account receivable (AR) history
  • Upsell and cross-sell services
  • Set notification thresholds
  • Manage payments and write off items

User Web & Mobile App

  • Branded mobile apps with the local language, and local currency
  • Charger map, availability & reservation
  • Find and navigate to an EV charger
  • Managing various payment options
  • Issue submission
  • Account balance
  • Charging session management
  • Charging history information

Business Intelligence

Reports, Dashboards, and Real-time Analytics

Get 360° business visibility with real-time analytics, reports, and insight-driven dashboards. Drive data-backed decisions that keep your business aligned with growth.

Ready to Get Started?

Learn how your business can thrive with Pika EV Drive.

Benefits You Will Gain by Selecting Pika EV Charge Platform.


Reduce Time to Market

Faster to market with new products & services or improved existing offerings.


Operational Excellence

Ensure EV charger stability and availability and reduce total cost of ownership with smart charging management.


Business Superiority

Monetize your EV charging network, support innovative business models, and improve customer experience.


Web-based Management

Manage all aspects of your EV charging infrastructure, customer & partner relations, charging, billing and payments, view real-time analytics, and reports.


Awesome Customer-Centric UX

The white-label customer mobile app for Android & iOS is intuitive and well-designed. Being the front-end of the service, it truly delivers an awesome user experience.


Technological Leadership

Compliant with ISO 15118, enabling vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communications, allowing for virtually any modern charging station.