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Fekra is a company with experience in design, programming marketing, and other services to develop those services based on the client’s needs.
We build and transform businesses by launching market-leading digital products, platforms, and experiences that fuel their growth.
Custom software development

What We Offer

Media Services by Fekra

Fekra’s innovative media services are tailored to bridge the gap between content creators and audiences. We focus on delivering high-definition experiences across various platforms. Whether it’s streaming services, digital marketing, or interactive media, Fekra ensures a seamless integration of technology and content, designed to engage users and amplify reach.

Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare division provides cutting-edge solutions that enhance patient care and streamline medical processes. From telemedicine platforms to patient management systems, Fekra’s technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers interact with their patients, ensuring timely, accurate, and secure services.

Insurance Tailored for You

Fekra simplifies the complex world of insurance through technology-driven solutions that offer personalised coverage. Our platforms assist individuals and businesses in navigating insurance policies with ease, ensuring they have the protection they need without the usual hassles.
Web Development for Insurance Sector

Food Industry

Innovation In the food sector, Fekra’s solutions range from supply chain management to nutrition-focused apps. We enable businesses to deliver quality food products efficiently and sustainably, while also helping consumers make informed choices about their dietary habits.


Advancements in Agri-Tech Fekra is at the forefront of agricultural technology, supporting farmers and agribusinesses with tools that boost productivity and sustainability. Our Agri-tech services include climate-smart farming practices, crop yield prediction models, and market access platforms, all designed to foster a more resilient agricultural sector.
Media Marketing Services


Education for the Future Fekra recognises the transformative power of education. Our educational services harness technology to create interactive learning environments, access to global information, and personalised learning experiences that cater to students of all ages.


Elevating Sports with Technology Our services in the sports industry are designed to enhance performance and fan engagement. Fekra’s sports technology solutions encompass fitness tracking, team management software, and fan interaction platforms, bringing the sports community closer than ever before.


Gaming Beyond Entertainment Fekra’s gaming division goes beyond entertainment, offering platforms for education, training, and cognitive development. We develop immersive gaming experiences that are both enjoyable and beneficial to users, leveraging the latest in virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Seamless Transportation Services

In transportation, Fekra is streamlining logistics and fleet management for smoother, more efficient operations. We offer real-time tracking systems, route optimisation, and transportation management software to keep the world moving reliably.
Marketing Services

Finance at Your Fingertips

Fekra’s financial services encompass user-friendly platforms for banking, investments, and financial planning. Our technology enables secure transactions, real-time financial insights, and easy management of personal and business finances.

Revolutionising Ecommerce

Our ecommerce platforms are engineered to empower retailers and consumers alike. Fekra’s robust online marketplaces are designed for optimal user experience, complete with secure payment gateways, inventory management, and personalised shopping recommendations.
Marketing Services

Innovating Real Estate

In the real estate realm, Fekra’s services are transforming property management and sales. With virtual tours, investment analysis tools, and property management systems, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that bring property owners, buyers, and real estate professionals together.

Why Choose Us?

At Fekra, our multidisciplinary services are built on the foundation of innovation, quality, and client satisfaction. We are committed to delivering exceptional service across diverse sectors, contributing to a future where technology and human ingenuity create unparalleled value and convenience.

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