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We are a bunch of geeky and creative people, who live, breathe and believe in the power of technology to create a world with innovations – a better world. We are in search of energetic innovators, thinkers and doers who dare to learn fast, adapt faster and execute in real time. The developers who passionately talk about the perfection in design and the designers who talk about development trends with conviction or a marketer who wants to build up their own sphere of stories. Think you have got what it takes? With your heartfelt desire to be a pioneer in this digital realm, consider joining a forward-thinking team.

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FEKRAEGY is a place where you would be inspired, challenged and acknowledged for your distinguished work. From highly-experienced peers to stimulating work environments, geeky conversations to funny jokes we make our passion worth living.

01. Never Stop Learning

Constant and Never Ending Improvement is our core culture. We give you whatever is needed to grow at 3x pace. Learning is a growth catalyst.

02. Work On The Next Big Thing

Work on top brands projects for a range of industries while building your knowledge and portfolio. We work on enterprise grade projects and platforms.

03. Flexibility

We thrive on new challenges and strive for flexibility with fun.

04. Enjoy Your Work

Do what you love. We provide a freedom centric and result driven work environment to live your passion and work with effortless ease.

05. See The World

Having clients globally would bring employees to travel and work from beautiful destinations. We travel both ways i.e. welcome regular client visits as well as meet them personally in their country.

Today is the time to make a decision that will bring a new realm of opportunities to you. Join us to be our next brand ambassador, we are expanding and accepting thrilling applications.

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What do we look for?


We love hiring people who are passionate about their skills and career. Someone who is hungry to learn, know and execute.

Team Player

1 plus 1 is 11. That’s the mathematics for Team players who learn faster, add more value and have fantastic career trajectory.


We encourage a culture that accepts the differences and cultivates best with it. Being conventionally unconventional we ought to bring out the best with anything you do.


We love people who have clarity. Honesty is non-negotiable for us and something which we always look for before giving an opportunity.